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By Paula December 19, 2014 English No comments yet

We are psyched to present to you the newest member of the Beta Brain family: the BBx20!

During our team’s weekly recaps, the issue of a client needing support but not having connectivity kept coming up. For us, this means having to physically go to the client’s location. For the client, it means lots of downtime. We looked for a solution everywhere, but could not find exactly what we needed to ease our pain. So we decided to take the rocky, deserted road: if it doesn’t exist, build it! And that, in a nutshell, is how we got into the hardware and app business (trust us, you don’t want to hear the unabridged version). Part of our initial team, along with some new members, got to work full time to convert our idea into a reality.

We are happy to announce that, after hours and hours of R&D, 3,241 monkeys sent to space and millions of burned brain cells trying to understand how to file a patent, we now have a working prototype! The BBX20 is finally here! At least the first version of it, anyway… These are exciting times, as we move forward in taking it to market. Shoot us a line if you would like to be a part of this story.

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