Beta Brain - We Received Our First Patent!

By Paula April 18, 2016 English No comments yet

Does your line of work make you dependent on technology? Do you need your laptop or PC (or your customers’ laptops and PCs) to be up and running 100% of the time? We understand your pain and that is why our invention is for you!

Information Technology (IT) companies (or departments) that manage their customers’ computer systems are constantly challenged with the need to provide timely, secure, and cost-effective support. Remote support provides the means for IT professionals to remotely access and control customers’ computer systems. This eliminates the need for these professionals to physically travel on- site to address a problem, thereby minimizing delay in response time. Many solutions to providing remote support exist already.

However, traditional remote support approaches possess a number of drawbacks among which is the fact that they all operate under the condition that the device requiring remote support is able to connect to the Internet or to any other Wide Area Network (WAN). The purpose of the present invention is to allow access and control of a remote computer when such computer has no connectivity to any network through the use of mobile telecommunications technology.

You can read more about our patent at:

As first time parents, we called our baby the BBx20 while it was in the US Patent and Trademark Office awaiting it’s assignment. Here is a video that explains how the BBx20 works:
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