Beta Brain - Yet Another Threat To Internet Security

By Paula April 29, 2014 English No comments yet

Please don’t stop reading; I promise this is not the same Bit of the Day you saw last week.

Surprise! A previously undetected bug in IE (versions 6 through 11) is being exploited by attackers to hijack vulnerable computers. The “surprise” part is not that IE has a bug; the surprise is that it went undetected for 5 versions! We certainly expected more from real hackers…

As I am writing this, I question the need to post it. There is absolutely nothing new about it: there’s a bug in IE, there is currently no fix for it and attacks will become even more general now that the vulnerability has been disclosed.

My advice: stop using IE. But, then again, that has always been my advice…

If, for any reason, you cannot stop using it (i.e. your grandmother’s artificial heart is connected to it) then please follow these steps:
  • Take your grandmother to another hospital
  • Install EMET, Microsoft’s free toolkit to extend Window’s security.
  • Disable Adobe Flash. Security analysts have said that even though there is no vulnerability in Adobe Flash, disabling the browser add-on mitigates attacks and always helps.
  • Disable vector markup language (VML) support in IE

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