Cloud Server Solutions


The right setup for your requirements
We help you determine what kind of IT infrastructure you need. In close collaboration with you, we identify the optimal solution for your cloud architecture.

Guaranteed performance
Thanks to different data center locations in Germany and the United States as well as mirrored systems your servers are optimally protected against failure. Our security measures, quality-driven IT services (ITIL/ITS), and extensive service level agreements make certain that your IT infrastructure is up and running smoothly at all times.


Cloud infrastructure is cheaper than on-premises solutions
Our experts can show you how to cut your IT costs by as much as 20% with the Enterprise Cloud. We will calculate your individual total cost of ownership compared to on-premises operation.

Live vertical scaling
It’s entirely up to you how much RAM, processor speed, and hard drive storage you want to work with. There are no prefab packages—resources are freely selectable and can be scaled up without interruption at any time (live vertical scaling). This means you only pay for the services you actually need.


Secure data storage
Our reliable cloud storage with dual redundancy as HDD/SSD block storage, and the S3 object storage are affordable, flexible, and scalable solutions that are perfect for any application scenario.
The powerful backup solution gives you the additional option of safeguarding your data quickly and affordably in certified data centers in Germany that offer maximum data protection.