We Are IT

We believe in equal IT-service opportunity. We believe every company, regardless of its size, should have an awesome team of techies helping them grow.
We were born to be that team.


Our mission is to be an extension of your organization. By providing flexible solutions, we help you grow and adopt new tools. With Beta Brain as your partner you’ll have the best team supporting you in all the areas of technology: network architecture, security, cloud services, VoIP, help desk, data management, digital strategy, ERPs, and CRMs. We can assist you on an as-needed basis or as your IT team. You choose. We want you to focus on your core activities, not on ours.

You have a clear vision of the future for your business. Let us help you achieve it by making IT simple!



Just like you can’t build a house without blueprints, you shouldn’t build your business without an IT plan. We’ll help you design, or improve, your network infrastructure so that it is aligned with the needs of your business and provides a secure backbone that can support your growth. Companies like yours and ours can’t afford to have poorly planned systems. They result in high operational costs and inefficient resource utilization. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
We are vendor agnostic. We will not sell you any hardware just because we need to fill our quota. Whatever we design will be for you. There is no room for a cookie-cutter approach in our book.



We have learned that clients usually come to us with the wrong solution to the right problem. You know better than anyone what keeps you up at night; you just don’t know how to fix it. Taking sleeping pills might help for a while but it won’t solve the problem.
Only by understanding you and your business can we uncover the real problem we need to solve. We ask; we listen. We ask again; we listen. Then, we listen some more. We are here for you. Don’t take the sleeping pills. Don’t jump out the window. Call us, lie back and watch everything get fixed.



Just like any famous painting, your data is unique and should not be forged. We’ll provide a complete networking and security solution, to monitor and prevent any attacks. Our solution is designed to make distributed networks fast, secure, and easy to manage. It combines six complex appliances in just one easy to manage platform that provides out-of-band management. With a simple central Cloud Dashboard you’ll have a snapshot of your complete network.
Cyber criminals, much like art thieves, steal whatever is easier to hack and hope it’s valuable. You could install a complex field of laser beams but… Our solution is safer, faster to install and easier to manage.



We’ll give you one of the best cloud services available. When it comes to clouds, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work. With Beta Brain you can customize your cloud server instances to your exact specifications – we don’t force you to pick a server or instance size.
Create servers with CPU cores, RAM, storage, firewalls, load balancers just as you would in a physical data center. Adjust them at any time. Cancel at any time. No commitment. No contract. We give you what you need when you need it. No more. No less.



Technology can give you a competitive advantage but it’s hard to keep up with all the changes and updates. That’s why we do it for you. We invest, we research, we create. We make sure we know all the tools so we can design the best solution for you.
But we go beyond staying on top of everything that’s out there. Some things are not yet out there, like a teletransportation device or flying cars that can be parked anywhere! So we are improving our future – and yours – by creating our own products to fill the void. These are exciting times as we are seeing our ideas coming to life. We’d love for you share this journey with us!



We are a small company. We care about our employees, our clients and our communities. We have ideas, dreams and plans. We are just like you. We speak your language and we understand the challenges you face, because they are the same as ours. We can be embedded in your team or we can be your team. You choose. Either way, we’ll hold your hand and we’ll grow together.